Technology Expense Management

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What you really want to know is:

Which carrier is going to be there when I need them the most?

At Focalized Networks, we’ll determine the best network fit according to your physical locations, size of network required, and capacity needed at each site. We represent dozens of connectivity providers, all of whom vary greatly in terms of network coverage, capacity, and service level.  We’ll find the best providers for your specific business need and then use our unique procurement process to ensure you get the best terms and pricing.

How much revenue would your company lose if you lost your data? Are you prepared for a natural disaster, or a cyber attack? Do you have the data center you need to keep your corporate data safe?

Telecom Expense Management:

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
Ethernet Private Line
International Private Line
Metro Ethernet
Dark Fiber
Optical Wavelengths
Fixed Wireless Solutions

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Focalized Networks has relationships with dozens of data center providers for clients seeking the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effect ways of storing, accessing, and backing up their business’s data.


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