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Shrinking travel budget?  Have you considered conferencing technologies?

When a face-to-face, in-person meeting isn’t an option conferencing and collaboration tools are the next best thing.  No matter where your team is located around the world, our suite of conferencing and collaboration suppliers can provide the tools they need to collaborate and be more productive.  Provide your people with the means to reach customers, prospects, and colleagues almost anywhere – in the office, on the road, wherever business demands it.

Whether it’s an everyday conference call or a global meeting event, we have multiple provider partners who can assist.

Reduce TCO and Improve Productivity With Cloud-Enabled Conferencing and Collaboration Tools

In an increasingly virtual workplace, with employees located around the world, advanced communications and collaboration technologies are changing the way people do business. These new collaboration tools make employees more productive, cut costs, decrease cycle times and boost your bottom line.

Having the technologies required to effectively collaborate both internally and externally are a competitive necessity.

Areas of Focus:

Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Audio Conferencing
Skype for Business

Video Chat
Screen Sharing
Instant Messaging

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