Unitas Global


Unitas Global is the Enterprise Cloud company. The company’s mission is to provide cloud solutions that enable clients to focus on more innovative and strategic business objectives. Specifically, the Unitas Enterprise Cloud solution provides our clients with custom, highly secure and dedicated IT environments that are easy-to-consume, fully managed and backed by an end-to-end SLA, guaranteeing application uptime. By offloading day-to-day infrastructure operations to Unitas Global, our clients are able to refocus and optimize their internal IT resources toward more innovative business-centric initiatives. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Unitas has global Support Operations Centers spanning three continents and presence in over 130 data centers worldwide.

Unitas Global was founded on the belief that fully-managed cloud environments is the future of enterprise IT. Through a thorough discovery process, we began to identify commonalities within enterprise IT. Universally, clients required secure environments, guaranteed uptime, and easy-to-provision resources. An environment with those characteristics would then enable a client to focus on business-centric applications. This was the beginning of Enterprise Private Cloud.

Unitas Global Products and Services:

  • Enterprise Private Cloud

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI)

  • Enterprise Multi Cloud

  • Unitas Atlas®

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Cloud Assessment


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