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Global Capacity’s unique value is based on its Marketplace business model for data connectivity. Global Capacity was created through a series of strategic corporate mergers that when coalesced, represent an established operating history of 13+ years. The organization acquired Network Services Business of MegaPath (formerly Covad) in December 2014.

First automated online network marketplace:

  • Services over 22,100  business customers and 500+ service providers
  • Automated processing of over 26 million automated quotes annually
  • Automates current pricing for over 19,000 unique rates from 444 carriers in 75 countries
  • Proactively monitors and manages over 205,000 circuits for faults and performance
  • Global network reach delivers connectivity solutions to 9.6 million US commercial addresses, and over 40 million commercial addresses across the globe.

The value of Global Capacity’s products and services lies not only in the realization of its Connectivity Made Simple mantra, but also in the near-ubiquitous reach of its network. For Global Capacity, it is about delivering the right connectivity for the right application at the right location, allowing customers to choose exactly what they need based on real-time information and pricing data.

Global Capacity provides ubiquitous network connectivity from 41 core Points of Presence (PoPs), 86 local aggregation PoPS, 2007 Central Offices (COs) and 4,574 last mile network interconnections. The company delivers access to over 98% of the US market. Global Capacity also offers expansive international coverage for US companies building WANs to global sites, as well as for international companies connecting back to the US.

The company’s award-winning One Marketplace is an innovative platform that leverages a unique combination of aggregation, automation and information to streamline and simplify the process of designing, pricing, procuring and delivering data connectivity solutions. No other platform provides real-time market rate comparisons with network availability assessment, ordering and provisioning capabilities all governed by a single MSA to simplify the procurement and management of network services.

One Marketplace Benefits:

  • Ubiquitous network coverage to connect to all of a customer’s locations
  • Competitive price of network services – Internet, Private line Ethernet, WAN connectivity
  • Automated platform that simplifies the process of designing, quoting, and ordering services
  • Streamlined and automated service delivery for best customer experience regardless of geography
  • Single master services agreement, SLA and billing

Global Capacity Products and Services:

  • Application Delivery

  • Cloud Connectivity

  • WAN Optimization

  • IP Backhaul

  • Data Center Connectivity

  • Private Line Services


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