Exede Business


Exede Business provides fast (15×4 Mbps) reliable Internet connections where terrestrial operators either can’t or won’t. Exede, the #1 rated ISP in America for two straight years by the FCC, uses the most powerful commercial broadband satellite in the world to provide primary Internet service to both unserved and underserved areas across the nation. Exede also provides a true continuity solution with a redundant, diverse path to all business locations. Featuring ultra-fast installations (typically within 5 business days), support for business-grade VoIP, and multiple persistent IP addresses, Exede Business allows you to have connectivity in places you thought were impossible to reach.

With our business plan, take advantage of prioritized maintenance and commercial support. Exede Business also features high speeds and data allowances plus a persistent IP address, which supports services such as remote LAN access, secure Virtual Private Network and other business applications.

Exede Beam Coverage Map


Exede Business Products and Services:

  • High Speed Satellite Broadband

  • Static IP Address


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