dcpic1DataBank is a leading provider of enterprise-class business solutions for Data Center, Managed Services, and Cloud. We aim to provide our customers with 100% uptime availability of all their critical data, applications and deployed infrastructure. Our suite of services is anchored by our top-tier data center environments and highly available robust connectivity. We offer customized deployments tailored to effectively manage risk, improve technology performance and allow our clients to focus on their own core business objectives. DataBank is headquartered in the historic former Federal Reserve Bank Building in downtown Dallas, TX and has additional data centers in North Dallas, Minneapolis and Kansas City.

Our enterprise-class, managed data center services are aimed at providing 100% uptime availability for data, applications, and equipment. Built around world-class data center facilities, DataBank delivers customers a premium environment with the benefit of a multi-homed multi-terabyte Internet access hub, and storage area network.

With True 2N power delivery, DataBank’s colocation offerings are customized technology solutions designed specifically to help organizations manage their risk and improve their overall business performance.

DataBank Products and Services:

  • Colocation

  • Managed Services

  • Compliance

  • Consulting


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