Accel Networks


Accel is the leading provider of managed fixed cellular broadband services in North America by providing a consistent and robust fixed cellular broadband experience across all customer sites as well as asset tracking, real time traffic utilization and management and a private PCI compliant gateway. Drawing on its experience in fixed wireless networking, Accel fused proprietary technology and intellectual property with the 3G GSM and CDMA networks and created the first PCI compliant fixed cellular broadband enterprise network. Accel brings together the availability, reliability, network management and security of terrestrial frame relay with the data throughput and price point of DSL, without the long lead times, complex installations, and high fallout rates of terrestrial broadband.

Accel Networks product highlights:

  • Service can be provisioned in as little as 3 days
  • Equipment is shipped to your locations pre-configured, tested and ready to activate
  • Installation and activation takes just 15 minutes or less
  • Month to Month contract terms
  • Unlimited bandwidth utilization
  • Greatest 3G coverage of any network provider
  • PCI Compliant private Layer 2 connectivity
  • 3G data rates bursting to 1MB x 512kb
  • Static or Dynamic IP address


Accel Networks Products and Services:

  • Maestro Managed Wireless Implementation

  • 4G LTE Aggregate Managed Connectivity

  • Managed Cellular Fixed Wireless Broadband

  • Retail Broadband Networks


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