How To: Plan to Move to the Cloud

Some businesses still head into the cloud conversation with the mindset that it’s a one-size-fits-all solution. This is a common misconception and that’s
why having a cloud plan in place is so important. This plan will be different for every organization, but it should always make clear why the migration
makes sense for a business. Is it about costs? Is it about business enhancement? Once this is established, a roadmap can be developed, which will address security, data volumes, the user experience, and more, and a business can get its cloud migration underway.


Your IT team will probably be the driving force in guiding the organization down the right cloud migration path. IT also helps establish how cloud computing can fit into the technology strategy, and overall business strategy.

Cloud adoption is only increasing in coming years. It’s clear that it’s an important direction to consider, but businesses have to approach it at the appropriate pace and in the right way – and these will differ from business to business.